Micro CO2 regulator for Threaded Cartridges

  • PORTABLE. Keep dispensing pressure in your keg when you are away from home without bulky CO2 gear. This system is lightweight and keeps your mobile setup simple. A simple regulator + disconnect + cartridge is the simplest and most compact way to keep dispensing pressure in your keg. Disconnect and cartridges not included.
  • EASY TO USE. Insert the CO2 cartridge, set the dial, and attach to your keg via a gas disconnect. No need for bulky CO2 equipment when dispensing on the go.
  • ACCURATE GAUGE makes dialing in the perfect dispense pressure for any size container easy.
  • FLEXIBLE platform allows for a wide variety of setups. 3 additional inputs and output available for separate purchase.
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED? micro CO2 regulator, pre-installed 3/8" cartridge input adapter (removable), 5/8" cartridge input adapter, pre-installed 1/4" MFL female output adapter (removable).

Collections: HD Mini Regulator Kits

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